Fresh Herb Vinaigrette Pork Filet Mignon

After building my raised garden this year, I’ve been (impatiently) waiting to start using my fresh veggies and herbs!  There is just nothing like garden fresh!  N-O-T-H-I-N-G!  I had the opportunity to try something new while incorporating some of my garden children (Plants, people…  No cannibalism here.  Not until the zombie apocalypse).  Speaking of – what is your favorite zombie movie?  I’m still partial to the 1978 version of…wait…we’re getting off track.  Back to the pork…

If you’re looking for a way to keep your pork tender, flavorful, and juicy…this is the one.  After pulling this off, nobody will be asking “Where’s the beef?”.  This marinade is so packed with amazing flavor, your pork will soak it up and become a bacon wrapped dream come true.  You’ll wonder why you ever ate Aunt Mildred’s dried out pork chops.  We never did like her much, did we?  ON WITH THE FOOD!

Fresh Herb Vinaigrette Pork Filet Mignon


8 Pork Filet Mignons

3 tblspn Dijon Mustard

1/2 Cup Olive Oil

1/2 Cup Water

The Juice of 1 Lemon

1 tblspn Chopped Rosemary

1 tblspn Chopped Licorice Basil (you can also use regular Basil)

1 tblspn Chopped Garlic

1 tspn Fresh Cracked Black Pepper

1 tspn Salt

1 tspn Red Pepper (optional)

Fresh Rosemary and Licorice Basil from my garden:

IMAG2759_1  IMAG2760_1


Grab a mixing bowl and add your olive oil, Dijon mustard, lemon juice, rosemary, basil, garlic, salt, and red pepper.  The red pepper is to give a little heat on the back end.  It isn’t necessary…if your soul is weak.  If you do not have licorice basil, regular basil will do just fine.  Licorice basil has more of an anise flavor present.  It compliments the vinaigrette the way you do your wife when she walks out in that favorite dress of hers…that she only wears once…and then needs to buy a new one.


Whisk thoroughly until the vinaigrette comes together and emulsifies.  You will now add in your water and whisk again to combine.  It is not common in a vinaigrette to add water, though some chefs do add small amounts at times to thin it out and help level the strong flavors.  In this case, we are doing it to thin out our vinaigrette and help it easily cover our pork.


Put your pork cuts into a Ziploc bag, pour in your marinade, remove as much air as possible and seal your bag.  Place in the fridge and marinade for at least 4 hours.


Setup your grill for direct heat.  Make sure to leave a spot open that we can move the pork filets to that will not be directly over your heat source.  As always, I’m using charcoal.


Once your coals are ready, put those beautiful chops directly over your heat!  We want a medium to medium high heat.  Place the back of your hand over your heat – If it takes 3 – 5 seconds until it becomes too hot and you have to remove your hand, then our heat level is on point!


Cook about 4 to 5 minutes a side making sure to get some nice grill marks.  After cooking on each side, move your chops away from the heat source, close your grill, and finish cooking.  Our grill is now acting as our oven to finish the cooking process.  This ensures we do not dry the outside out before the inside is done cooking.

Let them cook another 6 minutes or so.  Grab your meat thermometer and make sure you have reached a temperature of 140 degrees.  Remove your chops and let them rest for about 5 minutes.  The cooking process will continue and they’ll reach around 145 degrees.  This will give you a nice medium pork filet.  Stop drying out your pork!  However, if you like it done a bit more; go a few more degrees…it’ll still be juicy!


This filet gets the smoky flavor from the bacon, the tang from the Dijon, the light citrus from the lemon, and the freshness from those amazing herbs and garlic!

Well – there it is!  You are now the Pete Sampras of Pork!  Hungry?

My Raised Garden – Great BBQ begins with fresh ingredients…

Along with my undying affinity for great BBQ – I also have a passion for gardening.  Not only does it make me (dare I say) proud to be the hand to help these incredible plants flower and bear deeply colored beautiful fruit; I also get to reap the benefits of fresh, delicious, organic ingredients that will take any dish to a whole new level!

I started by building a raised garden.  I did this for two reasons:  1)  To aid in keeping those pesky critters from getting into my garden.  2)  So I don’t have to bend over as much.  Number 2 is very important.

2x6x12 boards, 4×4 posts, screws, 6 yards of soil, and a few beers later…


I don’t claim to be a purist by any stretch of the imagination, so I had filled the box with several starter plants.  If you care to start from seed – more power to you good sir/madam!


After 6 weeks – these plants are growing faster than ever and dying to become fresh Pico De Gallo!


Along with my 5 tomato plants, I have an assortment of peppers ranging from sweet and mild to very hot.  I.  LOVE.  PEPPERS!  Not only do they add such an arrangement of beautiful colors to your garden and help keep insects and rodents out; THEY ARE DELICIOUS!  Anywhere from stuffed and smoked peppers to salsa, the possibilities are vast.

Some of my pepper plants are finally starting to tease me with their growth.  I can hardly contain my excitement!

A baby Cheyenne Pepper!  Once this plant sprouts these deep red and amazing peppers – we can dry them out on the window sill and use them as hot pepper flakes on pizza or we can add those dry flakes to our next spicy BBQ rub!  You KNOW I’ll be doing each of these…


A baby Pablano Pepper – Just waiting to mature and become stuffed, smoked, and topped with cheese!  If you haven’t seen it yet – check out my Smoky Stuffed Pablano recipe!


Expect some exciting, new, and SPICY recipes to follow!