Who Am I…

I’m a 30 year old husband and father that lives in pleasantville suburbia who has an undying affinity for bringing people together…and let’s be honest – there’s no better way to do that than with GREAT BBQ!
Over the past several years we have made it a tradition to invite all of our close friends and family over for BBQ every Thursday.  I can’t think of anything better than sharing laughter, a cold drink, and some great food.  After all, I do what I do for family…
I LOVE a good grilled cheeseburger, but with as often as I cook and with the skills I’ve obtained over the years…my giant crowd is always looking to see what I can surprise them with next.  I do my best to always deliver!  Who doesn’t love a good challenge?
I hope I can share a piece of my family and our traditions with you and yours.  I promise you won’t disappoint them!