Italian Dressing Grilled Chicken Breast

Are you looking for an easy way to achieve juicy plump breasts but don’t have a plastic surgeon?  This is the next best thing!  Hey – you’re already beautiful…so eat some food and be happy!  This takes such little effort and is almost impossible to botch!  Try it out and change the way you think about grilled chicken!  How often have you eaten a tough, dry, and flat flavored chicken breast?  The horror.  The pain!  Try this out and you’ll instantly have your staple for chicken breast recipes!

Italian Dressing Grilled Chicken Breast


  • 4 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts
  • 2 Cups of Italian Dressing


Clean your chicken removing any excess fat.  We want these cuts lean and pretty!


Place your meat into a Ziploc bag and pour in the Italian Dressing.  Place into the fridge and marinade for the next 4 hours.  You don’t want to marinade beyond this as the vinegar in the dressing can cook and change the texture of your chicken.


Setup your grill so you have a hot zone for direct heat and another open area away from the coals so you can cook indirectly.  If you have a gas grill, turn on only half of your burners.


Once your grill is heated and ready (coals are 3/4 grey), place your chicken breast directly over the heat.  We want about a medium to medium high heat.  The way we know the level of heat is by placing the back of your hand over your coals or burners.  If it takes 3-5 seconds before its so hot you have to move your hand, that’s what we’re looking for.

Cook about 5 minutes on each side and then move away from the coals, so we can shut the grill lid and cook them indirectly for about another 6-10 minutes depending on how hot your grill is.  You can baste them every few minutes with more Italian Dressing to enhance the flavor!

Remove your breasts from the grill.   You can finish with a little salt and pepper.  Serve and win the hearts of many!


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