Grill Smoked Spicy Chicken Wings

Here we have some bold, spicy, and smoky chicken wings that will forever change what you accept as a proper wing!  Deep fried wings are a thing of the past now.  Cut out the fat and add flavor!

These are always a big hit at our family cookouts.  While standing under the hot sun sipping a cool drink, this is the perfect addition!

Grill Smoked Spicy Chicken Wings:



You can put your wings on whole but then you’d just be a weirdo.  I prefer to separate the drums and flats.


First, place your knife at the bottom of the drummette.  You’ll feel where the joint is at and cutting threw should be easy and not require much force.


Separating the wing tip is similar.  Place your knife where the flat and wing tip meet and feel for the joint.


Prep all of your wings and then pat them dry with a paper towel.


Grab your dry rub and apply liberally to your wings.


Put your wings into a Ziploc bag, place in the fridge, and let them marinade for 3-4 hours.


Setup your grill for classic indirect heat.  If using charcoal, setup your coals on one side of the grill, leaving the opposite end clear.  If using propane, only light the burners on one side or one half of your grill, depending on the size.  Throw your wood chip box or foil smoke on the grates directly over the coals.  If you’re not familiar with using wood chips on your grill, click HERE to find out how.  It’s very easy!


Let your grill heat up to and maintain a 350 degree temperature.  Place your wings opposite the heat, ensuring they are not directly over any coals or flames.  Keep your grill lid closed!


Check your wings after about 45 minutes.  They may take another 15 to get crispy, but this all depends on how well your grill holds in the heat and smoke.

Remove from the grill, serve, and become a juke box hero (with stars in his eyes).



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