Grilled Corn with a Lime Zest and Cumin Compound Butter

In the infamous words of Homer:  “you don’t win friends with salad”, but here is a veggie that’s certain to make you the Caroline Manzo of your neighborhood!  (“Did he just make a ‘Housewives of New Jersey’ reference?”).  Hey – I can guarantee this:  Teresa Giudice doesn’t make corn this tasty!

Grilled Corn with a Lime Zest and Cumin Butter


  • Corn
  • 1 stick of softened salted butter
  • 1 Lime
  • 1 tspn Cumin Powder


Making the compound butter:

Place your stick of butter and cumin into a small mixing bowl.  Take your lime and grate the zest into your butter bowl.  Cut the lime in half and squeeze one half of the lime’s juice in.  Mix Thoroughly.


Cooking your corn:

Setup your grill for direct heat.  We’re wanting to put this corn directly over our heat and get some good color!

I setup a foil smoke pack and put my corn on the top rack directly above the smoke.  You can put your corn directly over the heat and it will be just as good.

Take some of your butter and put it on your corn as it cooks on the grill.  Let it baste right in!

After about 10 minutes – or until your corn is nice and tender – take it off the grill and smother it with your unicorn butter!  After all, it is quite a magical concoction!

You get that smoky flavor from the cumin; that wonderful citrus from your lime; the creamy saltiness from your butter; and that wonderful natural sweetness that comes from the corn when grilled!

Give this a try and make that kid Billy that used to take your lunch money beg to come eat at your place!



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